Below Market Value (BMW) Buy-To-Lets (BTL) 

Estate-Traders service is to find the best deals BELOW MARKET VALUE so you don't have to, ideal for cash rich but time poor investors wether it be your first investment or to add to your growing portfolio.  
Each investment area has had in depth due diligence and a selected power team in each deal package offered, hands off turn key investments. 
If you have a specified strategy to buy and flip or to hold BMV is a necessity. Our VIP INVESTMENT service can advise on a strategy or simply tailor investments straight to you with your choice of investment game plan. A BMV BUY-TO-LET yielding around 8% and more is an exceptional investment and a great wealth generator. 


Rent-to-rent has huge potential to investors with very little cash to invest or to spread your portfolio investment leverage else where, it secures the house by a contract wether it be a company or individual and can be beneficial to the investor and landlord who wants a hands off investment.  
Most require a light refurb to add the value that will be generated from your strategy wether it be HMO or serviced accommodation. 

Lease Option 

Lease option agreements can be used in residential and commercial, where a landlord has experienced i.e financial difficulty has become and tired landlord that is in a fixed mortgage deal. H2 
Investors rent the property an discounted price and then has the option to purchase the property at the agreed price at the start of the lease.  
The capital gain throughout the rental period can be HUGE and put investors in a very good LTV% position for minimal cash invested on the agreed purchase price when the option agreement is applied. 

Serviced Accomodation 

Serviced Accommodation has the potential for huge cashflows, a dwelling that has the right location and that can offer short and long term stay from people all over the globe.  
managed by either you, or online management companies.  
Since the spread of COVID-19 the sector has 10x on its demand and has very little on the market which makes it a VERY lucrative investment strategy. 

Houses of Multiple Occupation (hmo"s) 

Houses in Multiple Occupation HMO's are by far the BEST strategy for optimal CASHFLOW generated by a single dwelling.  
HMO's are when 3 tenants or more which are not from the same household/family and share the same facilities such as kitchens, toilets and bathrooms in the same house.  
At Estate-Trader we specialise in finding the key areas in the country try where demand outweighs the supply and attracts grade A professional, student , and LHA tenants. 
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